A unique range of expertise in Europe

BA Healthcare is part of BA Robotic Systems Group. The main group entity, BA Systèmes is the French leader in AGV-based intralogistics systems (Automated Guided Vehicles). Specializing in automated handling and storage, BA Systèmes has an expertise structured around a specific set of skills: logistic analysis, turnkey systems integration, AGV design and manufacturing, AGV Manager supervision software development and a high quality customer service. As a pioneer in its field, BA Systèmes is one of the leading French companies in research and innovation.

<p style="text-align: left;">AGV – Automated Guide Vehicles</p>
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AGV – Automated Guide Vehicles




BA Systèmes mobile and industrial robots are known for their:

  • Robustness: a service life up to 45,000 operating hours within a 7/7, 24/24 context,
  • Safety: Operational cohabitation with operators,
  • Reliability: resistant but complex components (sensors, actuators, etc.),
  • Precision: a few millimeters at pick-up/drop-off in industry.


<p style="text-align: left;">Le cœur de métier de BA Systèmes est l’automatisation des flux internes des usines avec des chariots sans conducteur.</p>
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Le cœur de métier de BA Systèmes est l’automatisation des flux internes des usines avec des chariots sans conducteur.


The core business of BA Systèmes is the automation of plants internal flows with driverless vehicles.





BA Systèmes’ business skills in control command systems, mobile and robotic guidance allow the company to provide its customers with complete intra-logistics solutions.

BA Systèmes’ experts design, implement and deploy robust AGV systems that meet the requirements of its many industrial customers.

In 2009, General Electric Healthcare (leading medical equipment) has understood this expertise and trusted BA Systèmes, concluding a strong partnership for the co-development of its future innovative product: the Discovery.



BA Systèmes is a company:

  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified;
  • “Research organization” certified;
  • which holds the label “Innovative Company by BPI France Excellence”.